We, like you, are trying to assess the potential impact of the Corona Virus outbreak in China on our global supply chain and our ability to continue to manufacture and/or supply our products uninterrupted.

Based on our current knowledge and information through the global supply chain we can only give the following comments to two key questions:-

Are we already facing manufacturing/supply issues? NO

Do we expect manufacturing/supply issues in the next weeks/months? THIS IS UNKNOWN AT THE PRESENT TIME AS THE SITUATION IS STILL EVOLVING

Avocet will endeavour to keep our supply chains flowing and our customers supplied with all their key products but we are totally at the mercy of a situation that is completely outside of our control and yours.

We will of course keep you informed at the earliest opportunity should we learn of any likely delays or shortages of raw materials, etc.

Meanwhile our thoughts go out to all the victims of this virus, their families and friends and those unable to travel to safety.

We appreciate your patience in this difficult time for the global economy.

Our core range of dyes offer the full gamut of colours with fastness to the most demanding standards.

Carpet printing products have long been a part of Avocet's portfolio. Great expertise and knowledge has been put into the development of dyes and auxiliaries for this industry sector. Resist or displacement effects when printing polyamide or wool/polyamide carpets using acid-acid dye resist techniques can be achieved by use of the speciality resist agent Avoresist PA and "metal free" Avonyl RP dyes. Excellent effects are also possible with metal complex dyes.

Avocet Textile Auxiliaries comprehensively cover the preparation, dyeing and finishing of polyester, cotton, wool, polyamide and most other fibres and blends.

All our products including flame retardants are manufactured to strict quality control standards in accordance with the company's registration to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our total business philosophy.

We are dedicated to a policy of rapid response to orders and service requests which leads inevitably to benefits for both customer and supplier.

To support our commitment to quality and reliability Avocet's technical service laboratory is staffed by highly trained technicians experienced in all textile processing techniques. Customers are offered a full technical service backup using our first class facilities. These technicians are also available to support customer trials and production.

Avocet recognises that their customers compete on the world stage and the support of the flame retardant/dye/auxiliary producer is essential for success. The versatility of our product range demonstrates the 'bespoke' nature of the Avocet philosophy - meeting individual customer requirements through active partnership.

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