BREXIT and EU trading terms including REACH

Monday 03 February 2020

Brief statement relating to BREXIT and current trading terms and conditions including REACH regulations.

“At the moment, the UK has left the EU, but retains:

  • EU VAT numbers, and is still part of the EU VAT regime
  • Free trade between the UK and EU, with no tariffs
  • The same tariffs as the EU for trade outside the EU
  • EU directly-acting regulations are all still legally in force in the UK
  • Up to end of transition period December 31st 2020 “

Our status regarding REACH is as follows:

All the raw materials we use are either REACH registered in the EU by our suppliers, exempt from REACH or below the level necessary for registration.

Once the UK leaves the EU we will use our Customs/Bonded warehouse to stock products and the EU will become a ROW (Rest of World) area – so products sold to EU will be sold from our customs warehouse.