COVID 19 Avocet update 24 March 2020

Tuesday 24 March 2020

COVID 19 Avocet update 24 March 2020

Dear Customer/Supplier

The UK Government has so far not imposed any restrictions forcing manufacturing companies to close their doors.
Whilst this is the position, Avocet is operating under a restricted staffing policy to avoid as far as possible risks to our staff and their families.

As a manufacturing plant we must have key workers within the factory and laboratories.
All these areas including the offices have been isolated from each other with strict working practices imposed to avoid direct contact between staff.

We are doing all we can to maintain operations as close to normal levels as possible.
Avocet is certainly open for business but we urge you to be patient as we are running on minimum staff levels.
Additionally there may be delays in arranging transport and shipping of goods and you should liaise with the sales office about your specific requirements.

Should UK Government advice change we will heed that advice and act accordingly.

Kind regards