New Factory Roof Installation - Restrictions to Site Access

Thursday 23 September 2021

24th September 2021

Limited access to Avocet during roofing works - delayed from April/May 2020

Dear Customers/Suppliers

We would just like to forewarn you that during the period of 24th September 2021 until 1st November 2021 we will have limited access to our gated yard area and factory.

A large portion of the yard area will be used for storage of building materials whilst a new roof is installed to the factory.

We will have limited access during this period and very restricted parking for company vehicles and visitors.

We must ensure that we can operate as closely as possible to normal during this time but we expect some delays to operations especially that of arranging transportation of goods.

There will also be periods that our production facilities will be out of bounds to all Avocet personnel and we will not be able to manufacture.

These dates are approximate as weather and other factors may influence the final shutdown period:-

CETAFLAM and AUXILIARY PLANT SHUTDOWN – 1 week, starting 24th October

DYE PRODUCTION PLANT SHUTDOWN – 1 week, starting 6th October

We have been carefully planning this work for many months and trying to build our stocks of key products to maintain supplies throughout the period.

However some items are custom made and we urge you to check with the sales team at Avocet as soon as possible with any order enquiries.

We also request that our local customers (UK) forward order and plan for 48/72 hour turn around rather than the next day service we currently try to aim for.

For overseas clients we do not foresee much difference to any existing arrangements as we already work very closely with our freight forwarding agents.

We appreciate your patience during this time and please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries.

Kind regards

Michael A Lever CCol ASDC

Managing Director