Polyester/Wool Dyes

Monday 15 April 2013

Avocet has been manufacturing Acid and Disperse dye mixtures for Polyester/Wool blends for over 25 years.

The company offers probably the most diverse range available from any dye manufacturer.The carefully selected acid and disperse dye blends meet the key environmental and ecological requirements of the world's leading retailers.

The dyes are suitable for application by package or piece dyeing methods. 

The ranges include dyes blended for the traditional 55/45 Polyester/Wool (PES/Wo) ratio and also dyes blended for the now popular wool rich concept of 60/40 Wool/Polyester (Wo/PES).

Each range covers the gamut of colours from bright yellows through to economical navies and blacks.

We are also able to provide a unique service of offering to manufacture a dye to match your specific needs using our expertise on this fibre blend and dye selection criteria.

The Avocet range of dyes for 55/45 polyester/wool blends include:-


AVOPOL XS - high sublimation fastness, ideal for package dyeing



60/40 Wool/Polyester dyes include:-

AVOPOL WRP - high sublimation fastness, ideal for package dyeing


The dyes can be applied at temperatures from the boil to 120°C. Generally the AVOPOL X, XS, WRP & WRPS ranges would require high temperature application at up to 120°C. Whilst the CETALAN and CETAPOL ranges could be applied with suitable dye carriers at the boil to 106°C. Full application information for each range is available in the technical data sheets along with details regarding the auxiliary products.

For more information please contact your local agent/distributor or you can contact us directly at our UK headquarters.

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