Preparation of cotton fibres includes systems for desizing and bleaching and includes the environmentally friendly CETAPOL ECO. This clay based product offers very low COD and BOD readings along with excellent performance with no additional auxiliaries being required compared to more conventional systems.

A full range of dyeing assistants includes, anti foaming, anti-precipitants, detergents, deaerators and penetration accelerants. Levelling agents for all types of fibres including wool, cotton, polyester and their blends are offered to meet the most demanding situations. A full range of dispersing agents, dye carriers, lubricants, wetting agents, fixing agents and foaming agents are amongst those offered.

Carpet printing auxiliaries are foremost in the range and include the resist agent AVORESIST PA for acid-acid dye resist printing of polyamide or wool/polyamide carpets. Acid dyes including the AVONYL RP and selected dyes from the AVONYL L range are used to produce prints of outstanding clarity and brightness of shade. Anti-frosting agents include LEVECET NA or ASPM and high performance wetting agents include CETAPOL O70 EG or OT 75. These products offer the printer outstanding degrees of control when using resist or displacement techniques.

A wide variety of guar gum products are distributed in the UK on behalf of Ranie Chemie of Germany, especially prominent are those for the carpet printing sector.

Flame retardant products for dyebath, padding or back coating are marketed under the registered trade name CETAFLAM®. These products are applicable to most fibre types and blends including cotton, polyester and wool and are designed to meet the most demanding specifications. CETAFLAM® flame retardants are categorised separately from the standard auxiliary section.

Some auxiliaries are available as concentrates specially formulated for simple dilution or processing at distributors premises.