Established in 1982 Avocet is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of flame retardants, dyes and textile auxiliaries.

All our products are manufactured to strict quality control standards in accordance with the company’s registration to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Commitment to quality is a cornerstone of our total business philosophy.

The products section of our web site has been designed for ease of use, with simple navigation the principle.

Avocet Flame Retardants

AVOCET FLAME RETARDANTS for polyester, cotton, wool, polyamide and most other fibres are marketed under the registered brand name of CETAFLAM®.

Our philosophy is to innovate and develop products which have high flame retardant performance, low environmental impact, low energy use and are reliable.

Flame retardants have been categorised into 4 sections depending upon application technique, these being Back CoatingDyebathPaddingAdditives.

Within each sub section is a list of available products with a brief summary.

Avocet Textile Auxiliaries

AVOCET TEXTILE AUXILIARIES comprehensively cover the preparation, dyeing and finishing of polyester, cotton, wool, polyamide and most other fibres and blends

Some auxiliaries are available as concentrates specially formulated for simple dilution or processing at distributors premises.

Auxiliaries are categorised into product types, for example: - anti-foam agents, anti-precipitants, etc

Within each sub section is a list of available products with a brief summary.

Avocet Dyes

AVOCET specialise in producing dyes to meet the most demanding standards. Our core range of dyes include acid, basic, disperse, reactive, solvent and pigments.

A dedicated R&D department in dye application and technology staffed by our technical team is able to provide expert knowledge on application and processing to achieve optimum efficiency.

Avocet has a strong heritage in the carpet sector with a depth of products and expertise. Through product innovation in partnership with our clients we are able to provide more dye ranges for wool and wool/nylon carpet than any other dye manufacturer. Carpet sector sales extend from the UK and Mainland Europe to North Africa, India and South East Asia.

Additionally we have developed a comprehensive series of dye ranges for polyester/wool blends. We offer more choice than any other manufacturer and are able to bespoke products for clients as required.

To view our dye ranges follow the substrate/fibre links. Dye ranges have been grouped for ease of identification depending on substrate type and application.

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